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Ink Pigment Density And Specific Volume
- Jul 19, 2016 -

Ink pigment density is the number of mass per unit volume contained pigment particles. Because it is the pigment particle state loose materials, which are a part of the volume occupied by the pigment particles, a portion of the voids between the particles were occupied. Such as by the true density of the pigment, its volume should all share volume pigment particles, even if the gap between the particles are included, obtained a fake degree. Its value will vary with the bulk of the tightness of change, even if the true density, due to the crystalline state of the pigment is different, the same chemical composition of different structures.

Depending on the specific volume of the same pigment component of the ink is not fixed, but with varying particle morphology, but also implement the specific volume depending on the state of a side surface of the pigment particles, the pigment is the same microscopic particles of different macro performance, because it is not directly affect the state of the particles of the pigment properties and performance.