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Paint Pigment Dispersion
- Jul 19, 2016 -

Paint, in addition to transparent varnish, the color coating contains a dispersing agent, a dispersing agent can be uniformly dispersed that are difficult to dissolve in the liquid of the inorganic and organic pigments solid and liquid particles, but also to prevent settling and agglomeration of particles, forming a stable suspension of the desired amphiphilic agent.

Specific mechanism of action, we can Baidu own.

Real work, will encounter a lot of poor dispersion of questions:

1, dispersion fineness of grinding enough times less wear and tear or other device

2, the problem of dispersing agent

In all pigment dispersion degree of difficulty from simple to arrange Yi is titanium dioxide, iron oxide yellow and red, purple, blue, green organic, inorganic purple, blue, green, yellow and red organic, chromium molybdenum red, yellow, black. So, in all colors, black is the most difficult to disperse in place.