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You Know What Would Melt Plastic Paint Touch It
- Jul 19, 2016 -

Plastic pigments are colored powdery substance that fine particles. It is not easy to dissolve in water, oil and other solvents, light fastness is generally 5 or 6, up to 8, and has a certain acid, alkali resistance. Thus, the pigment is a relatively durable pigment composition.

Pigments from natural sources can be divided into two categories pigments and synthetic pigments. Natural pigments include plant pigments and mineral pigments two kinds. Artificial pigments are artificially processed synthetic materials can be divided into inorganic and organic pigments, such as carbon black, iron blue. It's better performance, more durable. The case of carbon black inorganic pigment, but its performance is much better than other pigments, so as the most durable pigments. Most organic pigments are benzene type, its variety, bright color, strong coloring, but not as good as the durability of inorganic pigments, organic pigments first, because poor light, the second is water seepage or oil seepage phenomenon. A pigment as a coloring material component of writing a color ink, blue-black ink, red and blue pencils, inks and technical drawing lines and other iron salts.